What V2.06 KESS and V2.06 K-TAG can do

What the different of these two ECU programmer and how can they work together?
KESS V2 and K-TAG share the same K-suite software which is developed by Alientech. KESS V2 OBD master kit can be worked together with some other programmers, the most welcomed is K-TAG.
V2.06 KESS and V2.06 K-TAG share some differences. KESS V2 supports OBD which means it can work via OBD diagnostic port but K-TAG cannot. KESS V2 supports some EDC17 programming, but K-TAG cannot. In short, KESS V2 is for OBD and K-TAG is for BDM/JTAG/BOOT.
If KESS V2 fails to program EDC17 for some models, please try DS17 Infineon Tricore boot reader.
Kess V2 comes with all the cable for cars and bikes but also has the trucks and boats protocol activated as well. It has no token limitation.
Ktag master version has the tricore and BDM MPC5x protocols enabled with all the appropriate cables. It comes with 500 tokens, buy new CPU chip to replace old one and add another 500 tokens. K-TAG also contains the 14AM00TBAS and 14AM00TB02 adaptors to enable you to BDM Ford Focus RS/ST as well as many other vehicles. The New Data Cable 144300T108 unused is also included. This is needed for the new ECU ID features which allow you to unlock some ECUs via the OBD without having to remove them from the vehicle.
Using K-Suite, you can manage KESSv2 and K-TAG in the same software. Complete your equipment with K-TAG to work directly on the engine control units while on the bench. KTAG coupled with KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit contribute to equivalent software applications, then again KESS V2 boasts OBD celebration (means KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit package ECU via OBD the facts cable) as KTAG will not obtain. These two will allow you to cover near enough all the cars out there especially VAG and BMW EDC17 ECUs with the Tricore protocols.
Experienced technicians would apply Alientech software ECM Titanium to work with KESS V2 and K-TAG. The ECM Titanium allows you to do accurately modify the file stored inside the engine control unit (ECU) memory (EPROM) without any difficulty for  Diesel and Petrol, naturally-aspirated or turbo-charged, the software lets you  rapidly adjust the maps values (injection, spark-advance, pressure, TURBO etc) and the limiters saved inside EPROM files.
KESSv2, K-TAG and ECM Titanium software are the right gear to start your work.

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