SVDI PSA ABRITES killed BSI due to incorrect operation

A part of users contact us with a same issue SVDI PSA ABRITES killed BSI, they think SVDI PSA is broken. Is it true?

Actually, some experience users have proved SVDI PSA is working well; they point out why BSI is killed and provide correct operation instruction:

Incorrect operation

Correct operation instruction:  
Firstly, remove wiper fuse and streetlights, and then connect with the power supply, finally use SVDI PSA to change mileage.

I attach 3 pictures which show how I use SVDI PSA successfully change KM for Peugeot 305 2005+.
Picture 1: The Vehicle I want to adjust KM is Peugeot 305 2005+ JCI BSI (2004 – 2008), the old KM is 154910 and the new KM I write is 199999.
Picture 2: Old value shown on the dashboard: 154910KM

Picture 3: New value shown on the dashboard: 199999KM

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