Launch Creader VII Register and Download

You have bought one Creader VII, and now you do not know how to register and download software for it?

Launch Creader VII cover all function of Launch creader VI, and additionally you can download one car model, this car model can support all system diagnose, including Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission and so on. But how to regirster and download software?
1. When you receive your products, please contact Launch X431 customer service. Provide your serial number and order number, the customer service will provide this information to factory to active the device.

2. After it been actived, our customer service will send you email to inform you, so please pay attention to your email.

3. Then you need go to website to register your device. First you need register a CC account, then use this account to log in to register your product. You need input Product type is Creader VII, input serial number, register password(this one is in your device menu) and dealer code:86A to finish registing.

4. After finish regirstering, you can download one type car model to your CF card. When you choose car model, it will remind you that you can only download one car model. After downloading, you put back your CF card to your device, then your Launch Creader VII can do that car model all systems.

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