Analysis on MB Star C3 Connection Error

As a powerful diagnostic tool, MB Star C3 is mainly designed for new type of Mercedes cars and trucks from 1999 up to now. In the aspect of function, it not only support basic diagnostic function (reading and erasing DTCs), but also can perform many other functions, such as component testing, live-data, writing diagram etc.

And here, I would like to list the error which may occur via connection. At the same time, it is also the problem I found on some forums. Previously I do not how to settle it, and then I consult the Eobd2 engineer for help. A good result is it.

Problem (MB Star C3 multiplexer connection error):

Reasons to cause the connection error:
1. MB star c3 cable you use is broken, such 16 pin cable or others

2. Mercedes-Benz C3 multiplexer HDD has some problem, maybe you use old HDD (fit usual c3) but use SD connect star C4 main unit

3. Star c3 diagnosis main unit has problem, and then you have to connect with a car, and to check if main unit is turn green.

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How to update BMW Creator C310 Scanner to newest V4.5

Good news,BMW Creator C310 Multi System Scan Tool Updated to V4.5 new arrival on currently.Some customers ask about the BMW Creator C310 V4.5 update questions.Below is the steps to update BMW Creator C310 to the newest version 4.5.Let’s step-by-step to learn it.

Step 1: Insert the CD software in the package into the computer. Open the CD software and find out Creator C310 V4.5 update bin file and setup exe. Open “Setup-V4.5 exe” driver.

Step 2: Click “Finish” button after successfully installing the setup driver.

Step 3: Back to the main menu interface. Connect the Creator C310 scanner into the computer via USB port.

Step 4: Select “Update” on the function list
Step 5: Find out the “OBD-CREATOR-V4.5-ES. BIN” file in previous folder

Step 6: The system will automatically run an upgrade. Please wait patiently until the process is complete.
Step 7: Exit the upgrade interface and ready to use the scanner.

NOTE: DO not power off during upgrade.

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