Hand-held NSPC001 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader only €120


What I read from this picuture:
1.    Handheld with screen, so it needs no install on computer, plug and play.
2.    With both the Male and Female OBD connectors, it looks like the old inline Ford/Mazda incode calculator units; therefore it needs to connect to the vehicle to read out pin code.
3.    It has no buttons, this need to be used in conjunction with another tool.
4.    NSPC001 connects to your tester and to the vehicle

NSPC001 can do as follows:
NSPC001 can read out pin code from BCM module
NSPC001 can read newest 20-digit pin code

NSPC001 contain 100 tokens, it will deduct 1 token to calculate a newest 20-digit pin code, and it won’t deduct token to calculate a 4-digit code.

NSPC001 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader what works?
Can read pin code for some 2014 year Nissan, one of www.eobd2.fr customer proved it can work on a 2010 Nissan qasgcai, worked on 2013 Nissan qashcai , worked on 2008 Nissan navara, 2009 qashcai today in under a minute

(Solution) GM MDI Manager: not connected to MDI

During the procedure of GM MDI activation, a little part of users may get the error reading “GM MDI Manager: not connected to MDI” or keep failing to activate as the following picture shows:
1.    Press the button as following picture shows and connect to power supply.
2.    Keep pressing this button and connect to power supply wait till 10s
3.    When all the lights on, stop pressing the button
4.    Use USB cable to connect GM MDI to pc
5.    Open GM MDI choose “Recover”.
Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/latest-high-quality-gm-mdi-multiple-diagnostic-interface-2918.html