Diagnostic Procedure Astra via OPCOM 2010

I put the tutorial that I made during a repair of my Astra.

I also put at the end of a link to the screenshots on page outside the forum. I do not put directly on the topic, because there are nearly 200 images …

Note that I am presenting Opcom 2010. I am not the author of all the tutorials associated with the list of possibilities listed below.


What is OPCOM?

This is an interface that enables communication between a computer and the car.
It does not do anything that makes a Tech2 (pro device used in the garage) such as programming / update the computers, but it allows the modification and / or addition of unsupported options when buying .dropoff window
It simply allows also make the diagnosis.

What can we say?

-Screen CID color
-autoradio CD30 + DVD90 to CID
-Bluetooth UHP4
-computer edge
-Orders driving
Automatic -air conditioning


We can test for example:
-The Battery (voltage)
-The EGR valve
-The Fuel rail
-The Fans in front of the radiator
-The Lights bulbs, LEDs onboard instruments
-Know Wear oil
-Réparer The actuator of easytronic box and reset it
– …dropoff Window

It looks like this:
The price is about € 20.
If it looks like the photo, it’s good.
As for the firmware, even if it is not the last, it does not matter, the software will update!

The software:
OPCOM comes with a small CD on which the software. Direction trash … for me, it contained a virus …
The latest software version I have is the 100219a available by PM.
This is a newer but I’ve never used.

They are included with the software in the “drivers” directory. OPCOM running xp and seven 32 and 64-bit and win8.
Under seven (and win8), it may be that the computer refuses to install the driver because it is not signed. To overcome this, simply disable checks for drivers signatures. To do this simply, when starting the pc, maintain F8, and then select the line that disables checking.
I did a web page that details what a lot we can do with the software.
I will update as and when I use OPCOM.
For cons, I do not have all the options and existing engines or transmissions, so it is not complete … but it helps to get an idea.

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