Volvo Vida Dice Firmware update method

Copy the update exe zip file onto computer. Unzip the file and replace the name of the file to SetupDiCE.exe and run the file. This file will install Dice on the computer.
FWupdate5.6.1.exe (hyperlink)
1) Connect the Vida Dice main unit into the OBD port to supply power to the unit.
2) Connect the Volvo Vida Dice with computer / laptop via USB cable
3) Open “All Programs” >> “DICE” >> “Dice Firmware Update”
4) Select Dice software version and firmware version in below program.
5) Select and open the file dice-5-6-1.mot
6) Click “Update”. Wait patiently until the procedure complete.
7) When “Device update OK!” Pops out, the upgrade procedure is complete. New firmware version information will display on the program. Click “Close”
Product link:

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