How to use Autel Maxidas DS708 to program Nissan key

Today I would like to share my tutorial on programming Nissan Xterra key using Maxidas DS708. Theoretically DS708 is not a key programmer but a costly professional diagnostic tool for all cars. I just give it a new function.

First connect DS708 to my Xterra OBD port.

Insert the key and turn on the Xterra switch to run but do not start the motor.

Start DS708 by pressing the power switch on its back.


Next I am going to program 5 keys:


Select Nissan in DS708 the homepage on touch screen.


Select “1 Diagnosis(By System)” and you will get a screen as below:


Select “3 NATS” in the next window.


Select “1 Read Codes”; if any code is presented, write it down then click “2 Erase Codes” to clear them.


Select “4 Pin Read” and you will get a five digits code (made of numbers and letters), write it down.


Now get your Xterra PIN code. You can either use software named “Nissan Supercode” or ask your dealer to get the 4 digits PIN for enabling the key programming mode.


Once you have the PIN, select “3 C/U Initialisation” then enter the pin then tap “Ok”.


Turn the key to off position.

Remove key from your switch.

Insert first key to program.

Wait until the IMMO icon turns off.

Remove the key.


Now you have a new key for your Xterara. Repeat the process for all the reset key you want to use. Please note that:


1- Your Xterra can only recognize five keys at most.


2- You do not program anything in the keys, you introduce the keys to your truck as legitimate keys, authorized to start it. Nothing changes in the key, only some info from each key is stored in the truck computer.


I have tried it on my Xterra and my mothers Ford. Hope it will work for you as it did for me.

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