2 Ways to Install ADS CF-16 Software

There have two ways to install the ADS CF-16 software, i.e. by CD or download it from official website.

Installation via CD

1. Insert the CD into your PC CD driver, and then run it, you will see the following interface (Picture 1), next to click “setup” icon and it will enter into the interface (Picture 2).
Picture 1
Picture 2

2. Click “Next”, it will show you the interface below (Picture 3)
Picture 3
3. Click “Next”, it will pop out the following interface (Picture 4), and then click “Next” again, it will pop out another interface (Picture 5).
Picture 4
Picture 5

4. Click the “Install”, it will appear the interface below (Picture 6)
Picture 6

5. Click “Finish” (shown as Picture 7)
Picture 7

6. Click “Install” (shown as Picture 8), and then it will enter into the interface (Picture 9)
Picture 8
Picture 9

Click “OK”, the whole installation process finished and on your PC desktop will newly added three function icons ( as Picture 10 shows)
Picture 10

Via these 3 function icons you can:
1. Open the diagnostic software directly.
2. Visit the official website.
3. Install the CF-16 USB driver.

Installation via official website

1. Log on http://www.adsscan.com, and choose English language (Picture 11 and 12).
Picture 11
Picture 12

2. Log in use your member ID in the user’s area (if you are not the member, please register first)

Picture 13

3. Then, it will come into the interface (Picture 14), and to click “download install software” (Picture 15).

Picture 14

Picture 15

4. Choose the right software and download it to your PC (Picture 16), and rest is similar with the installation by CD.
Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/ads-cf-16-vehicle-communication-interface-1863.html

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