Renault Can clip V143 NEW Feature, software download and installation

News : No specifics news, Only add/update Ecu’s Diagnostic from existing cars.

Renault Can clip V143 NEW Feature:
1)    No new vehicles for this version
2)    You can now perform more operation using the VI connected via Bluetooth:
Diagnose can now be performed on <<ASDE>> vehicles when the VI is connected via Bluetooth. Secure learning (key, UCH, Injection, etc.) can now be carried out while the VI is connected via Bluetooth.

Please note, that a VI probe connected to a V143 Clip can only be used with earlier versions of Clip by means of a USB connection.
Some users gave our feedback, they have successfully tested on:
1)    working with RTL 2002
2)    Work great,,,,proved today into my car renault megane 3,,,work like a sharm
3)    Tested and good work on old clip sonde (clone)

Renault Can clip V143 Download:
(Note: download them all, right click them all and unzip them, only do like this, can they work)

Very important Note on Renault Can clip V143 Install instruction:
1. Uninstall ANY previous “OLD” Version from V116 and BACK Renault CAN-CLiP if you have!
(IF ALL READY you have ANY Version from V117 –> & UP, just you can make an Update
with this LATEST Release…)
NOTE: IF you making an update and you got the message about “NOT CLiP Platform”
just re-apply the “Crack! Reanult CAN-Clip.reg” and then move on.
CLiP it will tell you “1st Installation”, but DO NOT worry!
Just move on as usual…

2. IF you making your 1st Installation: Run the “Crack! Reanult CAN-Clip.reg” 1ST OF ALL!

After these steps done, install now this NEW Renault CAN-CLiP Version.
NOTE: Manage about the Language that you want to use, to have ALL READY
configured your Regional & Language Settings in your Control Panel!
Example: You want to Install & to use your CLiP with Greek Language! : )
Then use Greek Language in your Regional & Language Settings in your
Control Panel in: Regional Options (2x options) & in Advanced (1x option).
More installation details, please refer to “Renault CAN-CLiP Install Instructions.txt” contained in the download package.

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