How to Do Oil Reset with Carsoft interface 6.5

I have done my oil reset with the carsoft interface 6.5, so I have wrote this little guide for some people that had few problems installing the carsoft and after that how to reset your oil light at dash board.


1. Install carsoft:

1). Open folder “carsoft 6-5 -install this first”
click setup and follow the info in install windows, just don’t change anything in till at the end, and then click finish.

2).Open folder “carsoft 6-5 -install cr2 second”
copy all the files to your installation directory, “my computer/c drive (or whatever drive you using as the main for your operating system), /program files/carsoft/bmw/ paste all files there (override all) (replace all)

3).Now to start carsoft click “CARSOFT65BMW” in c/program files/carsoft/bmw/ then : CARSOFT65BMW .(this will bypass the main screen for carsoft and will go directly to the diagnosis window!

4) .So now you have the diagnosis window open, click “diagnosis data”
go to “settings” and make sure you set at “port com 1.” Serial port, and make sure that you put your serial cable in the top serial port at your pc!,some pc’s have to ports.

Now I assume that you have installed the carsoft right, and then run it, next to look on how to reset the oil light.

1).Start carsoft (like I told you above) c/program files/carsoft/bmw/ then : CARSOFT65BMW .

2).Plug your obd 20 pin cable into the diagnosis plug under the hood, then on the line you have the interface ,and on the other side the serial cable to your pc serial port.

3.Turn your ignition key on (all the way to the dash illumination lights ,but DO NOT start the engine!)

4.Go to your pc and click in the carsoft program ,click “special functions” then “service- interval reset” then ” normal si-reset” then it should be like 10-15 sec, to get the oil light reset.

If you look in that time to your carsoft interface you will see a green light at “power” the “red” light on at “si-reset” ,now it depends on the model of carsoft interface you have.

At the end ,if you look at your dash you will see that all lights at the oil are “green” (is about 5 of them)

Well, that all, thanks.

It worked well for me with this guide. Hope it also do you a favor.

Renault Can clip V143 NEW Feature, software download and installation

News : No specifics news, Only add/update Ecu’s Diagnostic from existing cars.

Renault Can clip V143 NEW Feature:
1)    No new vehicles for this version
2)    You can now perform more operation using the VI connected via Bluetooth:
Diagnose can now be performed on <<ASDE>> vehicles when the VI is connected via Bluetooth. Secure learning (key, UCH, Injection, etc.) can now be carried out while the VI is connected via Bluetooth.

Please note, that a VI probe connected to a V143 Clip can only be used with earlier versions of Clip by means of a USB connection.
Some users gave our feedback, they have successfully tested on:
1)    working with RTL 2002
2)    Work great,,,,proved today into my car renault megane 3,,,work like a sharm
3)    Tested and good work on old clip sonde (clone)

Renault Can clip V143 Download:
(Note: download them all, right click them all and unzip them, only do like this, can they work)

Very important Note on Renault Can clip V143 Install instruction:
1. Uninstall ANY previous “OLD” Version from V116 and BACK Renault CAN-CLiP if you have!
(IF ALL READY you have ANY Version from V117 –> & UP, just you can make an Update
with this LATEST Release…)
NOTE: IF you making an update and you got the message about “NOT CLiP Platform”
just re-apply the “Crack! Reanult CAN-Clip.reg” and then move on.
CLiP it will tell you “1st Installation”, but DO NOT worry!
Just move on as usual…

2. IF you making your 1st Installation: Run the “Crack! Reanult CAN-Clip.reg” 1ST OF ALL!

After these steps done, install now this NEW Renault CAN-CLiP Version.
NOTE: Manage about the Language that you want to use, to have ALL READY
configured your Regional & Language Settings in your Control Panel!
Example: You want to Install & to use your CLiP with Greek Language! : )
Then use Greek Language in your Regional & Language Settings in your
Control Panel in: Regional Options (2x options) & in Advanced (1x option).
More installation details, please refer to “Renault CAN-CLiP Install Instructions.txt” contained in the download package.