Test result for X431 Diagun III Bluetooth and Main Unit

As is known to us, Launch X431 tools series enjoys great popularity in the field of auto diagnostic tool, especially lovely used by each car workshop owner. But some fans user may met some problems when keep it working for a long time. Here take X431 Diagun III as an example.


Maybe you lost your cables, maybe your PDA machine is old, and maybe your bluetooth connector is out of work. It is indeed a big problem. The item is so good, while it is difficult for us to drop it out.

How can we do then? I recommended one super LAUNCH X431 supplier from China Eobd2 shop. Car diagnostic tool is a super agent of Launch Company. For example, launch x431 diagun, they offer the full Diagun products. But also, they offer diagun spare parts as Diagun main unit (PDA machine), Diagun bluetooth connector, Diagun updating software and all kinds of Diagun cables for all models.

Now, how do you think about it? Do not worry if your diagun does not work. Hereby, share you the way to test whether it is a good matching of both main unit and bluetooth on you diagun. Please do the following procedures:

1. Inside TF card in sock of diagun main unit;
2. Connect your diagun with your car. You can connect via bluetooth connector or diagun main cable;
3. Turn you diagun main unit on, run the function of wireless diagnose. Select one car model such as BMW;
4. Click on button of “SET” on the desk of diagun main unit, select bluetooth connector;
5. Check the light status:
a. Light keep on, communication finish. Bluetooth matched well with main unit;
b. Light flashing, communication error. Please continue check.

Note: Please note that not each bluetooth connector can matched well with any main unit. It depends on the same series number. Please make sure that the software can matched well with you diagun bluetooth connector.