(Settled) Lexia-3 V48 PP2000 V25 FAQs

Q1: During the process of installation of Lexia-3 Citroen Peugeot, I got ERROR reading “Failure of the activation (error 20)”.


A: we used to store the Lexia3 PP2000 software and diagbox v6.01 software in the same one CD, now they are separately stored into two different CD. Please download diagbox V6.01 software at this, if it does not work either, contact us we will ship you CD.

Q2: When I register, I meet the problem “the activation code is not valid (error code 11)”, what could be the problem and how to solve it?


A: It is possibly caused by wrong information on keygen. The number of the version information in the red frame is wrong, you need to change it to “LEXIA-348”, and then you can register successfully.


Q3: I install diagbox software on Windows XP3, 32bit, but it fail to connect to car, besides, I install PPS software in another computer(Win XP, 32bit, SP3), I successfully activate it, but the same situation appear, what could be the problem?
A: If lexia3 software can communicate with the car, try to install it. So it suggests you didn’t install diagbox software properly, or your computer system is not compatible with diagbox software, we will produce video tutorial on how to install Diagbox, please check it in the column “video”.

Q4:.Lexia-3 Important Note:

You are recommended to create a blank txt file named “version” in hard disk C before install Lexia3.


Otherwise, it will display a warning below:


Install software. Before installation, windows system needs to be English, and until in choosing Language during installation of software, you are free to choose your mother language.
Activate software. Under the file “LEXIA3_KEYGEN”, there are the activation pictures for lexia3 and the file “PP2000_KEYGEN” contains the activation pictures for PP2000.
Note: It needs registered code for PP2000, but no registered code for lexia3, as for the registered code.

More questions about lexia3,please contact Eobd2 shop service.

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