Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 Update Method

Super VAG K+CAN Plus is available to update online, and now it has been updated to the newest V2.0 available on Eobd2 shop. Here offer you the specific method to do the update step by step as follows:

1. When update, you need to download the USB driver or find appropriate driver from the built-in CD-ROM.
(Download website:

2. Decompression driver, if it is successful, the driver is shown below information:
3. To find out the USB cable comes with machine, and connects Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 device with the computer, you will be prompted to install driver, and after successful installation, it will prompt you to use USB device now.

4. To pull up and plug in Super VAG K+CAN Plus-side USB line, you can see device LOGO information on the screen, and also the BIOS version number and serial number information.
5. Input 0 in keyboard, when appear the following interface, it means the device has entered the state to upgrade.

6. Run updater V1.2.exe on your computer update software, if the upgrading software in normal operation, the interface will appear as follows:
7. Choose the correct communication port, which you can set in operating system “Device Manager”.
Click “start”
Click “Control Panel”
Double-click “System” icom
Click “Hardware” tab
Click “Device Manager”
Expand “Ports (COM & LPT)” tree by clicking on the “+” icom
8. Choose FORMAT option.

9. Click the UPDATE button, the system enters into the upgrade state, if update successfully, it will show following information:

10. Start your device.

11. Press OK button, appear software and serial number information.
12. Waiting for a few seconds, the screen will appear information as follows:
13. Select “Option” button.

14. Select “Language” item, press OK button, and choose the language.

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Vida Dice 2014A setup is different from dice 2013D setup

Both Vida Dice 2014A and 2013D share same Computer configuration:
Computer system: Windows 7 professional 64-bit
Processor: more than CPU 2.0 GHz
Install memory (RAM): at least 4GB
Local Disk (C : ) requires: 40GB free space
The only difference between Vida Dice 2014A installation and Dice 2013D installation is that Vida Dice 2014A need to install “Alcohol.exe”. Then let’s go on reading how to install Vida Dice 2014A Volvo diagnostic tool.

Step1: Open DVD and extract patch file to the desktop, this step is as the same as Dice 2013D installation.

Step 2:  How to install “Alcohol.exe”

1)    Open Alcohol52
volvo dice 2014A-open alcohol52-01

2)    Please select a language

volvo dice 2014A-language-02
3)    Alcohol 52% setup wizard

volvo dice 2014A-setup wizard-03
4)    Applying the Alcohol virual devices settings, please wait..
volvo dice 2014A-alcohol52-4

5)    Right click Alcohol 52%, delete it.
volvo dice 2014A-delete-alcohol-05

6)    In the blank, right click “add images” .
volvo dice 2014A-delete-alcohol-6

7)    Open DVD Drive (E:)

volvo dice 2014A-add-image-7
8)    Open “volvo2014a+cn”

volvo dice 2014A-add image-8
9)    Right click “volvo2014a+cn”, Mount on Device
volvo dice 2014A add image-9

10)    Close Autoplay dialog

volvo dice 2014A mount on device-10
Open “Computer”, open BD-ROM Device.

volvo dice 2014A-autoplay-11
Then setup Click Install –DVD-Vida dvdheader-Main-setup
volvo dice 2014A-open-12
The next steps are as the same as Vida dice 2013D.

Vida dice 2013D installation vedio

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