New Version 1.61 for ECM TITANIUM available on Eobd2

ECM Titanium with 18475 driver has been updated to the latest 1.61. The ECU chip tuning software is now available on for €29.99, free shipping. The ECM Titanium V1.61 is allows mechanics and DIYers to accurately to load and edit sotck original files of engine control units (ECU) read using electronic equipments such as Serial ECU programmers (e.g. KESS v2).


Compared with the last version, ECM TITANIUM V1.61 cracked version boasts huge advantage:

1. It does not need a key
2. It contains all drivers 18475
3. It runs stable on Windows XP and XP mode on Windows 7
4. Its checksum works 100% fine
5. It supports multiple languages: Italian/ English/ Portuguese/ German/ French/ Spanish

With ECM Titanium 1.6.1, which provides data read from the files contained in the control units, users can easily stored in the file maps and the main rev determine to increase the engine power, or simply to optimize the consumption.

Notes on using ECM Titanium

The program is embedded into a USB flash drive and it does not need to be installed on a computer hard disk like other software. To use USB the flash drive should have been previously plugged into a USB port and that it stays connected while the program is running.

To load original files with ECM Titanium, it’s necessary that these files are first stored on the hard disk of the PC on which you want to run the software.

To edit original files with ECM Titanium it is preferable to use the support driver through the web.

Introduce about MOTO-BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Scanner

MOTO BMW Scanner is a special purpose scanner aimed at motorcycles manufactured by BMW Company. It is used for the fault diagnosis of BMW motorcycle electronic control system.

Moto BMW supports Online Update on No need to connect with PC, it can connect with motorcycle directly.
MOTO BMW diagnostic Scanner can work by using several power supply modes.
1. Motorcycle diagnostic connector power supply.
2. A.C.transformer power supply
3. Provide electricity with USB interface, mainly used during the software updating.

After electrifying the mainframe, turn on the power supply. The mainframe displays the application object of the scanner: BMW MOTORCYCLE SCANNER. After waiting for 1sec. it can enter the main menu automatically.

Connect diagnostic connector to the motorcycle diagnostic connector and turn on the ignition switch. If there is not power supply in the diagnostic connector, you need to connect with the alligator clip to get electricity from the battery. Open the power supply switch of the diagnostic scanner, and enter the following interface.

Download: Moto BMW scanner user manual

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