Why ADS1808 is Worth Buying

ADS 1802 is a smart diagnostic scanner made by ADS Tech aiming to do diagnostic work for Toyota. Maybe a majority of car owners will doubt the US$80.00 bargain for function, while, in fact, you may appreciate its highlights which make diagnostic work more convenient and efficient.


Here list the reasons why is worth buying below:

1. Support almost all Toyota vehicles from USA, Asia and Europe, CAN also supports.

2. It is available to link via Bluetooth and USB cable, meanwhile support both Window XP & Win 7 system and Android.

3. ADS 1802 is compatible with more than 53 systems, such Airbag, ABS, engine, IMMO and more. Additionally offer a link for your reference:

4. Free lifetime update (at least 3 to 4 per year).

So far, what’s your idea toward ADS 1802 OBD2 code scanner ?

And now it is available on Eobd2 for €59.00.