SVDI Commander Replacement for FVID Commander

As we all know, FVID Commander is also a powerful diagnostic tool for Peugeot and Citroen while it has been already out of stock.Recently new arrival SVDI PSA ABRITES Commander For Peugeot and Citroen  has been becoming the Replacement for FVDI PSA on

As its replacement, SVDI Commander has won more and more discussion among comprehensive car owners or even car tool enthusiasts. Whether for function, supported car models or even languages, they share these same aspects. Here I would like to talk about the highlight of this new arrival auto diagnostic tool.


As a replaced tool for FVDI, it only costs €235.00, which is much less than the cost of FVDI.
It supports not only basic diagnostic tool, but also mileage correction, pincode reading, key programming and special functions, which includes reading and writing EEPROM and flash, immobilizer enable/disable etc.
Multi-language: English, French and Turkish.
Get free TAG Key Tool Software (when you buy it).

It is obviously an alluring option to choose SVDI PSA ABRITES Commander For Peugeot and Citroen.Many car owners who once used FVDI will also like it. Any information you need, please do not hesitate to browse the following link:

What Zed-Bull V508 Transponder Clone Key Support to do

As a universal key programming tool, ZEDBull Transponder V508 is available to duplicate new car key. And now new Zed-Bull Key Programmer version has been updated to software version V508 and hardware version V5.02.
This most advanced auto locksmith tool supports multi-language: English, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, which is also a friendly auto locksmithing tool that developed for all range of auto locksmith from beginners to advanced.

However, what this powerful key programming tool can do?

1. Transponder Identification
It is available to know transponder identification via transponder identification function.

2. Transponder Cloning
Zed-Bull Transponder Cloning Machine can be used to copy 11, 12, 13, 73, 4C, TPX1 transponder, Philips Crypto 40 (some), 41(all), 42(all), 44(all unlocked VAG), 45(all). 41(NISSAN), 42(VAG), 44(Unlocked VAG) and 45(PEUGEOT) transponders, Also you can copy 4C transponders onto batteryless TPX1 4C glass transponders.

3. Read PIN Code
Zed-Bull key cloner can read the pin code on transponders and programming transponders from EEPROM and MCU.

4. Producing Transponders for OBD Programming
Special recoded transponders is needed when you own an OBD device like T-code Pro. You can produce them with Zed-Bull key programmer using blank transponders instead of buying these special transponders for high cost.

5. USB communication with PC
Through USB, you can connect your transponder machine with PC, which does benefit to high efficiency and also convenience.

So far, ZedBull V508 is indeed doomed to be a best choice for comprehensive car owner, while it only needs to pay €84.00 from EOBD2. Isn’t it worth buying?