Newly Launched Francais SVDI PSA Commander

As the replacement of FVDI Commander, SVDI PSA Commander now has been launched into market, while it seems only being sold on several online shops that I find. I have notice that this new product has listed on Eobd2, and I want to get for my Peugeot this gadget.


Both FVDI and SVDI Commander are sharing many similarities.

1. Same function: identification, read and clear DTCs, clear DTC explanation, live data display, electronic control unit configuration and more, additionally including some other special functions.

If you want to know, please click the following link:

2. Same language coverage: English, Francais and Turkish.

3. Same car vehicle: both two tools are especially designed for Peugeot and Citroen.

Under the condition that they have so many similarities, SVDI PAS Commander is obviously more advantageous. It only needs to pay €235.00 (US$296.00), which is lower than the price of FVDI (US$460.00). Additionally, you can get free TAG Key Tool Software if you buy this new arrive SVDI PAS Commander.

SVDI PAS Commander is doomed to be your best choice for Peugeot and Citroen to do diagnosis.

What is the difference between Op-com V1.39 and V1.45

Some heat discussions are given to Op-com OBD Opel scanner between the version V1.39 and V1.45. I have got the version V1.45 from EOBD2 and my friend got the older version V1.39. We had made some comparison and drawn some conclusions list as below.


For vehicle model:

Newly version Op-com adapter works great on new model about 2011. And V1.39 works better properly before year 2007.


Firmware version 1.39 works steadily on a large number of models, all blocks are read. But V1.45 works well on some of the new models. For some models, like Astra H 2013, V1.39 is better


V1.45 is the newest version today. V1.39 and V1.45 mainly differs in firmware, the software should be 100219a. What is good is that V1.45 does not need to update the firmware. V1.45 works more CAN-ohm but V1.39 fits stable with K-Line.

How we figure out that V1.39 fits more K-Line and V1.45 works stable on CAN-BUS:

First of all, we pick up a Op-com adapter, the relay clicks, switching to the appropriate CAN (eg, SWCAN), and the requested block is scanned.

When finished with this unit, we choose another. And here begins the differences in the adapter with different V1.39 and V1.45 firmware.

If we choose (randomly either V1.39 or V1.45) unit operates on the same CAN-e (eg SWCAN) that the adapter firmware 1.39 will simply continue to work, and the adapter firmware 1.45  will work not that better on the same CAN-e, still will produce inclusion (or rather re-enable) the same relay.

Thus, with the firmware 1.45 for each access to the blocks occurs relay operation, and firmware 1.39 relay operates only when there is a change CAN-a.