Digiprog 3 V4.94 car models added and update procedure

After digiprog 3 V4.94 release at www.eobd2.fr, an increasing number of Digiprog users instantly contact the customer service asking what car models digiprog 3 V4.94 adds, what’s the procedure of the update?
Followed is my answer to the above 2 questions.

What car models digiprog 3 V4.94 adds?
Audi :
-A3 new version
Ford :
-F150 24C16
-Falcon 24c02
Mercedes :
-W176 new version
-W204 new version Diag
-W212 new version Diag
Opel :
-Insignia new version
-Astra new version
V4.93 digiprog 3 odometer programmer:

For Audi :
A3 Diag new version
A6 Diag new version
A8 Diag new version
For Mercedes :
R 172 Diag new version
R 231 Diag new version
W 212 Diag new version
For Ford :
Kuga Transit
For VW :
Amarok Polo Johnson

How to update from digiprog 3 V4.88/4.85 to 4.94?
1, Browse http://www.eobd2.fr/digiprog-3-v485-update-service.html, then pay €40.00 ($49.20),
2, Send customer service digiprog 3 serial number. Then the engineer will do update files and send you.
All files in this update package, display as follows, please confirm after you receive, otherwise it will cause digiprog Bluetooth.

Important note during update:
1), Ensure full power to the computer
2), PC standby, the screen saver is not allowed
3). Ensure stable power supply, power off during update is not allowed.
4). OS requirement: windows xp pro SP3, 32bit
5). Disable antivirus software.

The procedure of update:
1) Connect the USB to the computer,start your dp3, run Digiloader1.exe.
2) Choose the right port,select Digi1.bin,Click the button.If your dp3 dose not enter blue
screen,check your setting and restart from step 1.
3) The system will run an upgrade. The process will take 15 to 20 minutes. Do not power off during the process, otherwise you will get blue screen.
4) After the upgrade complete, the system will pops out a message reading “Process end”. Exit the update program and restart the device. The device is ready to use.

Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/v4.94-digiprog3-odometer-master-programmer-entire-kit.html

Volvo Vida Dice Firmware update method

Copy the update exe zip file onto computer. Unzip the file and replace the name of the file SeupDiCE.xxx to SetupDiCE.exe and run the file. This file will install Dice on the computer.
FWupdate5.6.1.exe (hyperlink)
1) Connect the Vida Dice main unit into the OBD port to supply power to the unit.
2) Connect the Volvo Vida Dice with computer / laptop via USB cable
3) Open “All Programs” >> “DICE” >> “Dice Firmware Update”
4) Select Dice software version and firmware version in below program.
5) Select and open the file dice-5-6-1.mot
6) Click “Update”. Wait patiently until the procedure complete.
7) When “Device update OK!” Pops out, the upgrade procedure is complete. New firmware version information will display on the program. Click “Close”
Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/volvo-vida-dice-diagnostic-tool-467.html

Eobd2 Thanksgiving Promotion Sale: FVDI ABRITES Commander Desevers Owning

Annual Thanksgiving Day is nearly coming, Eobd2 offers 5% discount on all items during the festival. Therefore, you do not miss the chance to get your favorite tools with more reasonable price.


And here, I would like to introduce a best-sold power product — FVDI ABRITES Commander V6.6, which priced at €319.00 (9% off).

ABRITES Commander for PSA is a pc-windows based diagnostic software for Peugeot and Citroen vehicles, which provide users all functions as follows:

Functions included in the base package (FVDI Interface)

  1. Identification (VPN, Part Number, production data, producer, manufacturing data…)
  2. Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
  3. Clear DTC explanation
  4. Live data display
  5. Electronic control unit configuration
  6. Read and Program Engine Control Unit flash memory for tuning purposes by OBDII
  7. Dump tool — many functions like clear crash data …
  8. This tool still has many other special functions, if interested, please check the following link:


How to update FVDI:

Before update, you need advise the FVDI ID first, we will check if the ID is in the update list which can be update by email, if not in the list, cannot do it yourself. Please send back the multiplexer to us for updating. Users are required to pay the shipping fee.


Buy FVDI with VAG VW software, you can get Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool software and VVDI IMMO Plus V13.6 Free.

Buy BMW FVDI Abrites Commander, Get DAF or Bike Software Free.



AllScanner VCX-Plus Porsche Multi Scanner driver, software installation

AllScanner VCX-Plus MULTI Scanner with Panasonic CF30 laptop released on www.eobd2.fr recently. The tool is a professional device for Porsche, Jaguar and Land Rover diagnosing and programming and supports software updating by via hard disk.
How to install AllScanner VCX-Plus Scanner driver:
Step 1 – Connect AllScanner VCX-Plus Scanner to the Panasonic CF30 laptop via the USB cable in the package. A “Found New Hardware Wizard” message window will pop up.
Step 2 – Select “No, not this time” and click “Next”.
Step 3 – Select “Automatic (recommended)”, click “OK” to go on, and then follow the PC system prompts until the hardware driver is installed successfully.
Step 4 – You will get another “Found New Hardware Wizard” window at this point. Repeat step 1, 2 and 3 to get the USB driver installed. When the driver is well installed, an indicator light of laptop icon on AllScanner VCX-Plus scanner will illuminate.
How to install AllScanner VCX-Plus Scanner software:
Before we start, please insert the CD that contains VCX Manager and its drive into the Panasonic CF30 Laptop.
Step 1 – Run “VCX Manager 1.0.exe”.
Step 2 – A “VCX Manager Setup Wizard” window will pop up. Click “Next” to continue installation.
Step 3 – Select “I accept the agreement” and then click “Next”.
Step 4 – Disconnect the USB cable from the laptop and click “Next”.
Step 5 – Installation of the VCX Manager (AllScanner VCX-Plus software) will then start.
Step 6 – Install driver for VCX Manager.
Step 7 – The VCX Manager installation is finish.

Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/allscanner-vcx-porsche-piwis-tester-ii-with-brand-new-lenovo-e49al-laptop.html

Top 6 Reasons to Get FMPC001

New FMPC001 Ford/Mazda Incode Calculator no need install software, all hand-held calculate incode outcode for Ford and Mazda, support 6 digit outcode transfer to 4 digit.Now new released on www.eobd2.fr,best price and high quality.


Top 6 Reasons to Get FMPC001 :

1. No computer needed, just connect to OBD2 connector and play!
2. Support 6 digits OUTCODE transfer to 4 digits INCODE for old Ford and Mazda.
3. Also work for 2014+ new Focus3, 2010+ Kuga, 2014+ Mondeo, etc.
4. With built-in 50 tokens for new models, deduct 1 point for each reading of new model. No deduction for old models.
5. Can buy extra tokens when 50 tokens is used up.
6. Update by CD

How to use:

-The INCODE is needed when FORD/MAZDA make key, change new control module and then synchronize with computer.
-Connect one end of FMPC001 FORD/MAZDA INCODE Calculator to the vehicle OBD port, and the other end to the device that can read OUTCODE, when the OUTCODE is read out, the calculator display the INCODE, then input both the INCODE and OUTCODE to calculate, no need to connect to the PC.
-With press button which allow user to manually press it to choose the vehicle if the automatic identification option not work

Support old Ford Mazda:

Support old Ford Mazda convert from 6-digit code to 4-digit code, as well as support new models after 2014, Ford3 after 2010, Kuga after 2014, after Mondeo 2010 and so on.

How FVDI 2015 for Peugeot Citroen V6.6 with softdog works

Two weeks passed since FVDI Citroen Peugeot software v6.6 with softdog released, during this period many users contact www.eobd2.fr customer service with many questions, one single sentence to conclude their questions: they have great expectation for new FVDI. For their detailed question, I conclude as follows:
What is the softdog is used for?
How old FVDI PSA tool upgrade to the newest?
If I buy new FVDI for Citroen Peugeot, how can I upgrade it in the future?
What is the function of FVDI for Citroen Peugeot V6.6?

Before answering the above-mentioned questions, let’s take a first look at new FVDI for Citroen Peugeot v6.6 softdog.
fvdi v2015-2
New FVDI contains one new main unit, one CD, one USB cable, one 16pin cable and tag key tool…… Compared with the old FVDI, the new one adds one sofdog.

Followed are the answers to the above-mentioned questions.
What is the softdog is used for?
1)  softdog is for security to enable online update in future. The Fly Company server will check if softdog SN is inside the activated device database! With the help of the softdog FLY Compnay can activate /deactivate any device at any time!
2) softdog is used to update old FVDI / AVDI to 2015 FVDI
3) Note: one softdog matches only one interface, they have the same serial number, that’s to say, if you have two interfaces, two softdogs are needed.
How old FVDI PSA tool upgrade to the newest?
Firstly send FVDI ID to eobd2.fr customer service, then the engineer will check whether the ID is listed in the activated device database, if yes, he will do an update file according to the ID and send you for upgrade.

If the ID is not in the activated device database, you are not allowed to upgrade by yourself, the correct way is to contact eobd2.fr customer service and send he will ask you ship us the old interface and pay $100 to get updates and softdog.

If I buy new FVDI for Citroen Peugeot, how can I upgrade it in the future?
FVDI V2015 firmware is updatable and it is network version, that is to say in the future users can directly update on Fly server by themselves, no need send back unit for update.

Step-by-step update Firmware and database update
2. Firmware and database update
Step 1. Connect FVDI to computer with USB (no necessary connecting to vehicle)
Step  2. Open folder “FW Downloader”, run “FWDownloader.exe”

Open folder FW Downloader-01
Step 3. If going to update firmware, click button “Firmware”
update firmware
Step 4. If going to update license data, click button “Database”
update database-03
Step 5. Click button “Start” to start updating
click start-04
Step 6. Click button “Exit” when finished
finish update-05
What is the function of FVDI for Citroen Peugeot V6.6?

Functions Included (FVDI interface):
Identification (VIN, Part Number ,production data, producer, manufacturing date)
Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
Clear DTC explanation
Live data display (actual data)
Electronic control unit configuration
Read and Program Engine Control Unit flash memory for tuning purposes by OBDII
Dump Tool – many functions like clear crash data.

Special Functions:

PIN code reading by OBDII ( CAN bus)
Mileage recalibration by OBDII in BSI module (CAN bus), Instrument cluster ( CAN ), C5, C2
Key programming
Read/Write eeprom from EDC15
Read/Write flash from EDC16
Read/Change Service list
Immobilizer Enable/Disable (EDC15)
Siemens SID80x series (SID801/SID802/SID801A/SID803/SID803A/SID804/SID806) – Flash/Eeprom read/write, Edit servicelist, Read/change PIN code

Do after sales by OBDII

– Peugeot – 206, 306, 307, 406, Partner, Ranch – 2.0 hdi
– Citroen – Berlingo, C5, Picasso, Xantia, Xsara, Xsara Picasso – 2.0 hdi
– Peugeot – 206, 1007 – 1.4 hdi
– Citroen – C2, C3, Saxo – 1.4 hdi

Supported Vehicles for PIN Code Reading:
Peugeot 206 (1,4 HDI, 2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 207
Peugeot 306 (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 307 (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 307 2005+
Peugeot 308
Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 508
Peugeot 406 (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 407
Peugeot 607 2006+
Peugeot 807 2006+
Peugeot 1007 (1.4 HDI)
Peugeot Partner (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot Partner 2008+
Peugeot Ranch (2.0 HDI)
Citroen C2
Citroen C3 (1.4 HDI)
Citroen C3 II 2005+
Citroen DS3
Citroen C4
Citroen C4 Picasso
Citroen C4 2011+
Citroen C5 (2.0 HDI)*
Citroen C5 II 2007+
Citroen C6
Citroen C8 2007+
Citroen Picasso (2.0 HDI)
Citroen Xantia (2.0 HDI)
Citroen Xsara (2.0 HDI)
Citroen Xsara Picasso (2.0 HDI)
Citroen Saxo (1.4 HDI)
Citroen Berlingo (2.0 HDI)
Citroen Berlingo 2008+
Lancia Phedra 2008+

Need to have special function PN008
Supported Vehicles for Mileage Recalibration:

Peugeot 207
Peugeot 307 2005+
Peugeot 308
Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 508
Peugeot 407
Peugeot 607 2006+
Peugeot 807 2006+
Peugeot Partner 2008+
Citroen C2
Citroen C3 II 2005+
Citroen DS3
Citroen C4
Citroen C4 Picasso
Citroen C4 2011+
Citroen C5 II 2007+
Citroen C6
Citroen C8 2007+
Citroen Berlingo 2008+
Lancia Phedra 2008+

FVDI Citroen Peugeot software v6.6 big promotion for Thanksgiving:


What coverage does each Chinese key programmer have?

With Key Pro M8, AD100, SKP900, X100 etc, what coverage do they have? what are their difference? Please go on reading the following parts.

Key Pro M8:

I look at all these units and they all seem to have similar coverage , keyprom8 stands out head and shoulders above rest because of what its a copy of , the sheer volume of coverage it has , its a lot of kit for the money , tokens are a pain but cheap , buy 50 tokens get 150 free at present , buy 100 get 300 free , that’s alot of tokens making it very cheap to use compared to original , that’s around 2usd a token only , I’ve actually played with one for 4 weeks that I bought from www.eobd2.fr , it works flawlessly as the original.

What AD100 can do?
The fiesta I did yesterday I tried SKP900, X100, CK100, none did anything so it went in with AD100. AD100 has only limited Asian coverage and so that’s what I use the Chinese stuff on and it seems to work fine for me.

SKP900 VS X100

It’s nice to think that the skp900 and x100 will reach the coverage of the keyprom8 as token free.

SKP900 is very useful in conjunction with the 3D booklet that shows accurate coverage, but it does fail on things listed in it’s menu.

X100 hasn’t failed for me yet on the things it has listed but it was a bit flaky on a Nissan Micra 06.

Neither is ideal as an only device but both have their uses if you are saving tokens.

SKP900,skp100 is original developed by Chinese, which bring a great shock to the whole OBD2 tools field, which is giving the whole world that the Chinese is slowly shifting from cloning to developing

Which key programmer is best for Ford Fiesta?
Most ford cars with incode and outcode any tool like SBB OR T300, key pro M8, someone use AD100.
The Ford Fiestas some locksmith tried SKP900, X100, CK100, none did anything

Which key programmer is best for Nissan juke?
Did a Nissan juke smart lost key. Skp900, fvdi all failed. Job done with x100.
Wish asian models x100 is superior.

With landrover, which key programmer is better?
Not everything on skp900 works, x100 has a more reliable coverage on all bar landrover like Discovery 3.

In a word, every key programmer has their uses, it is advised own not only one tool, but have several and use together especially if you are a professional locksmith.

Lexia 3 PP2000 for reset Peugeot DPF additives level

If you want to refill the DPF fluid on your Peugeot yourself, you will need to have the counter reset using Lexia 3 PP2000 software and scanner, which can be purchased online. My PP2000 V25 is from EOBD2 online supplier for $79. After you get the tool, you can follow the tutorial below to reset additives levels and counters for your Peugeot DPF. It is very quick and simple to do.
1.Load and get your Diagbox / PP2000 up and running and interfaced to your car.

2.Select ECU Configuration and Services.
3.Select Global Test and follow prompts.
4.The diagnostics will take up to 5 minutes to run.
5.Select Diesel Fuel Additive Control unit.
6.Select Configuration.
7.Select Cleaning or replacement of DPF.
8.Note the number of injections and double click the red text. Follow the prompt and ok.
9.First counter Zero reset completed.
10.Select Replacement of filling of rest.
11.READ the INSTRUCTIONS on Screen and press ok.
12.Note the count and double click the red counter and it will be reset after ignoring the warning.
13.Remove the ignition key and unplug PP from the OBD2 port.
14.Unlock the fuel cap and remove and count to 10 and replace.
15.Plug back in PP and power the ignition but do not start the engineer.
16.Select Cleaning or replacement of DPF again and check the counter is still 0.

That is it. The levels and counters have been reset. I have successfully done this on a 2002 307 2.0 Hatchback 110 Rapier. Hope it will work for you too.

*DISCLAIMER – This modification, if carried out is of responsibility of those carrying it out.

Promotion:Buy YANHUA Digimaster III get free CAS4+ software

YANHUA, the manufacturer of Digimaster 3 odometer correction master, is offering a promotion on the tool. From today to 31st December, when you buy a Digimaster 3 mileage programmer from Eobd2 online supplier, you will get its CAS4 software for free, saving you €359.20.


Digimaster 3, also known as Digimaster III or D3, is a professional tool that supports almost all the vehicles in the world, BMW, Toyota, Honda, VW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Renault, you name it. Apart from mileage programming, it also supports the following functions for some cars:

Audio decoding
Airbag resetting
ECU programming
Reading PIN

With CAS4+ software, Digimaster 3 will be able to program BMW keys including:

BMW Key programming on following vehicles:

BMW 1 series F20 (2011-)
BMW 5 series F10/F11/F18 (2010 upwards)
BMW 5 series GT F07 (2010 upwards)
BMW 6 series F12/F13 (2011 upwards)
BMW 7 series F0x (2008 upwards)
BMW X1 (2010 upwards)
BMW X3 F25 (2011 upwards)

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our official website, and pick up the Digimaster 3 and the free CAS4+ software before this great offer ends on December 31!

Nissan Pin Code indentify and calculate method

PIN code for NATS (Nissan Anti Theft System) Immobilizer used in most of Nissan and Infinity vehicles. NATS (Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System), also known as NVIS (Infiniti Vehicle Immobilizer System.).

How to identify Nissan Pin Code:

1) USA made models with NATS5, NATS5.6, NATS6 immobilizer – 5 digits code from BCM label (Body Control Module, p/n 284B1, 284B2) made in Japan by Calsonic Kansei Corp. for Siemens VDO.
2) Models with NATS5, NATS5.6, NATS6 immobilizer – 5 digits code read with an diagnostic equipment like AD100Pro, Carman Scan and others.
3) Any models with NATS6 immobilizer – 4/4 digits code from SEC label (Smart Entrance Control unit, p/n 28550) made in Europe by Siemens.
4) Any models with NATS5 or NATS5.6 immobilizer – 6/4 digits code from ICU label (Immobilizer Control Unit, p/n 28590) made in Mexico or Germany by Siemens.
5) Models with NATS7 immobilizer – such as Micra K12, Note and others – you need to read dump from BCM made by Johnson Controls or ECU and calculate code by dump.
6) 2003 Infiniti Q45, M45 and probably some other models with NATS5 – 5 chars crypted code from IMMU (Immobilizer Unit) label, p/n 28591.

To identify NATS version to calculate pin code for Nissan vehicles- check label on ICU: STEP-5 means NATS-5, STEP-5.6 means NATS-5.6, STEP-6 means NATS-6 and STEP-7 means NATS-7.

How to calculate Nissan Pin Code:

Many Nissan Pin Code calculators are available in Outil de diagnostic automatique Boutique en ligne | OBDII French. Following are the three most popular one.

1) Pin Code Calculator for Nissan for New BCM Modules
Newly launched mini size Nissan pin code reader supports comes with the latest version 6.0. This product is a dongle for running Nissan PIN Code Calculator software. It supports 20 Digit Code calculating for New 2013-2014 Nissan BCM Modules. It is compatible with total 1000 Tokens, each time cost 5 tokens and 4 Digit Code unlimited times. Put another way, so users can calculate total 200 times.

2) NSPC001 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader
NSPC001 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader comes with 100 built-in tokens which support all Nissan cars that can read out BCM codes. NSPC001 can transfer 5-digit code to 4-digit code, the newest 20-digit code to 20-digit code. One 20 digit code will cost one token. 5 digit code to 4 digit code no need tokens. The most distinguished advantage of the pin code reader is that no computer is needed, no need install software, just plug and play, automatic transfer.

3) VPC-100 Hand-Held Vehicle Pin Code Calculator
VPC-100 Hand-Held Vehicle Pin Code Calculator support lifetime upgrade online. It comes with 500 tokens (300 free tokens online and 200 tokens in device). It can calculate almost all cars from American/European/Asian. The token consumption rate in the web mode is two times of that in VPC-100 machine. It is an easy-to-use and powerful pin code calculator for locksmith man. It also has the web mode, which is suitable to DIY users.