How to solve Volvo VCADS Pro V2.40 ECU connection problem?

I own myself a 2008 Volvo VNL 780 355-405 hp 1250-1550 lb-ft torque manual and I want to  adjust the road speed limit to 100km/hr, but I can’t communicate with the vehicle ECU.I tried connecting the ECU via my diagnostic scan tool, using Volvo VCADS Pro latest 2.40 version from Eobd2. After connected with diagnostic socket, it was able to access the ECU. But the Panasonic win 7 window popped out a message reading: the software installed on the engine is not compatible with the ECU software, therefore you won’t be able to program certain parameters.


By the way, I have to mention the reason to lower speed limit. I just came across an accident due to overspeeding. That’s why I want to limit their speed myself by adjusting the road speed limit on the trucks ECU without their knowledge.

I have tried to seek some help at the local garage, but they offered none maintenance and service. Then I found some clues at the Volvo forum. One 10 years experienced Volvo technician who has been using the Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool for 5 years offered me some help. I was told to upgrade the PTT to get the truck programmed. In that case, I am able to go into programming to change the speed limit.

I took his advice and tried to install PTT on my laptop, but some files are not complete and fail to install completely. He again suggested me changing a laptop running win XP home because PTT is a very touchy program and will not work well with some programs. Then I change another second-hand Dell laptop running xp mode, then I found myself a link to download the software and reinstall the software.

I successfully download the software and then completed programming. Later Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool Volvo VCADS Pro helped diagnose my Mack CH600, Mack model 2000, 2004 Mercedes Benz truck and one of my Chinese made truck with Cummins engine.


Why buy SuperOBD SKP-900

SuperOBD SKP-900 is a hand-held and powerful auto key programmer, which almost support all cars around the world. And it has been updated to the newest V2.8.


Here, I would like express why is so popular among customers? Or what unique reasons it own to attract more users?

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When you have browsed through above 5 advantages, you can not only feel its power, but also feel that it can save you a lot.

Additionally, it provides sound manual book, you do not worry about how to use SKP-900, so you can click “how to update SKP-900”to know about his installation procedure.