Newest V143 Renault CAN Clip

CAN Clip Diagnostic interface has now been updated to the newest V143, which is specially designed for Renault car models including automatically test all vehicle’s computers, airbag test, reprogramming and more functions.

The multi-language diagnostic interface is very simple to diagnose a vehicle, only 3 steps to finish the whole process, i.e. select the vehicle make, and then input the VIN, finally press ENTER. At the same time, I would like to share information about “how to register Renault CAN Clip V143”. (Look at the following pictures)

Go through above 5 steps, you can finish the whole process.











Renault CAN Clip diagnostic interface only supports operation via Windows XP. What’s more, it is a compatible with cars from 1996 to 2013, but only available to part 2013 cars.  

Now, Eobd2 offers you this newest version CAN Clip interface for Renault with more reasonable price. And browse through the website, you can find it is on hot sales with high reputation from customers.


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