How to fix Mini Cooper Airbag Light on Problem

Recently my 2003 Mini Cooper S R53 airbag light has come on, and I am wondering if there is a known issue on a plug which may have been causing a connection issue or if the airbag is prone to be failure?

In order to find more objective and advisable solutions, I posted my problem on the forum. So far,
I was highly recommended to read codes by using a Creator C110 code reader or a Creator C310 multi system scan tool. Both of them are especially designed for BMW (Mini included) cars to read and erase trouble codes.

So I got one of them from a Chinese online shop —EOBD2 whose Creator C310 multi system scan tool only need cost €50.00 with free shipping. 2 weeks later after I ordered, it arrived at my house with parcel intact.

I was not good at doing this, so I asked my brother to be my substitute. First, it needs to eliminate possibility of connection issue before reading the codes via the reader. Careful check done on 2 plugs under the seat (Yellow & Blue) to verify it in normal work.

Then tend to use Creator C310 to diagnose the fault and do a reset to my Mini Cooper. After full connection with car, you can easily operate this hand-held device to read the fault code so as to clear it smoothly. The whole process was finished efficiently.

Isn’t it a nice experience with Creator C310?

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