€9 WinOLS V1.500 ECU Program with Unlock Patch

I checked my email and found that my WinOLS software has delivered. I hooked it up to work on 2005 Seat Leon 1.9 PD TDi 105 BHP EDC16 Bosch ECU on Toshiba win 7 system.

I have got myself a little tutorial guide (found on the search engine). To keep it easy, first of all, close all anti-virus and firmware software on laptop. Then install the drivers and run “winols 1.500.exe”. After that unzip “CRACK.rar” and copy the 4 files in it to WINOLS install folder. Next is to run “loader REG.exe”, open “key.txt” and copy the username and license to the registration window. Finally, run “loader OLS.exe”. If you have installed the old version on pc, please clean old version to make a smooth operation.

The WinOLS software main interface displays full Seat EDC16 Hexdump information.


What I appreciate most is that the test result can be alternatively shown in text, 2D and 3D form. I have tested the driver wish, EGR, Torque limiter, Lambda calculation, SOI selector, SOI limiter, Boost, Boost control, Boost limiter etc.

Takes an example of the detected driver wish, the 1st picture the result is displayed in text form.


2nd picture the river wish result is shown in 3D format.


If provided with a decent laptop/pc, the cheap €9WinOLS ECU program will allow to project powerful functions. I gave this ECU programming software 5 stars.

EOBD2 Prompt:

The webpage displays the step-by-step guide of using WinOLS software for beginners


You can also find some clues on the tutorial video here



How to fix Mini Cooper Airbag Light on Problem

Recently my 2003 Mini Cooper S R53 airbag light has come on, and I am wondering if there is a known issue on a plug which may have been causing a connection issue or if the airbag is prone to be failure?

In order to find more objective and advisable solutions, I posted my problem on the forum. So far,
I was highly recommended to read codes by using a Creator C110 code reader or a Creator C310 multi system scan tool. Both of them are especially designed for BMW (Mini included) cars to read and erase trouble codes.

So I got one of them from a Chinese online shop —EOBD2 whose Creator C310 multi system scan tool only need cost €50.00 with free shipping. 2 weeks later after I ordered, it arrived at my house with parcel intact.

I was not good at doing this, so I asked my brother to be my substitute. First, it needs to eliminate possibility of connection issue before reading the codes via the reader. Careful check done on 2 plugs under the seat (Yellow & Blue) to verify it in normal work.

Then tend to use Creator C310 to diagnose the fault and do a reset to my Mini Cooper. After full connection with car, you can easily operate this hand-held device to read the fault code so as to clear it smoothly. The whole process was finished efficiently.

Isn’t it a nice experience with Creator C310?