How to solve Cummins Inline 5 update problem

An Inline 5 user posted his problem in Cummins forum. He came across the following when using Cummins Inline 5 with the version V7.6. A note message asks for an upgrade: This version of INSITE has expired. To continue using INSITE, please upgrade it to the latest version.

cummins-inline-5-1 experienced technician offer solution here. V7.6 Cummins INLINE 5 users have to update the old version to the newest V7.6.2 without change computer time setting.

How to update Cummins Inline 5 to V7.6.2? provides INSITE update file download link:

Version V7.6 can not be directly upgraded to V7.6.2. Users have to first update to V7.6.1 and then update V7.6.2 from V7.6.1. You can download both V7.6.1 and V7.6.2 update source package file on the download program marked red shown the picture below.


?Update software V7.6 to V7.6.1

After complete download the update source package file, find out and open “Cummins Inc. Update Manager” (marked the icon picture below)


Click “Update” on the right top of the menu, choose “Other” icon and click “Browse” to enter the path to load the update files.


Select the “INSITE 7.6.1- OtherPackage” located on the source folder D:/


Click “OK” when load the file


Click update icon marked red picture below to run an upgrade


A message will pops a message to prompt you: all available update for INSITE will be installed. Tick box on the left of “Install All” and then select the second down icon marked picture below to run an upgrade.


The Cummins INSTTE V7.6.1 update software is installing. Do not disable the update procedure.


INSITE V7.6.1 software has been successfully upgraded.


? Update software V7.6.1 to V7.6.2

After complete update V7.6.1 software, please go back to the program as the picture shown below. This time select browse INSITE 7.6.2-OtherPackage“” file from the source folder in D:/


Click “OK” to continue operation.


Click update icon on the first down icon marked red picture below.


The windows will display the installed version and the newest version. Another message asks for acceptation “The newest version must be installed to continue receiving updates. Do you want to install it now?” Click “Yes” to move on operation.


All updates were successfully installed. Click the tick marked red below.


Again the window pops out note prompting all updates available, tick box before “Install All”. Click the second down icon marked red picture below.


The V7.62 Cummins INLINE 5 is now installing. Do not disable the upgrade process.


The update procedure takes some time, please wait patiently.


V7.6.2 software update process is complete.


The newest V7.6.2 software is ready to use after complete upgrade.