More Detailed Information about Multidiag Pro+

Multidiag Pro+ is a powerful diagnostic tool that not only equips with Bluetooth function, but also can work for both cars and trucks.


Multidiag Pro+ Functions

1. With the fighter recorder function, you are allowed to have full control of the diagnostic process.

2. To locate the diagnostic connector in the vehicle with ease.

3. Check the battery voltage of the vehicle and automatically adjusts itself to vehicle’s voltage level of 12 or 24 volts.

4. In CARS software, we have a smart function that you can read out the chassis number from the vehicle that you would like to diagnose.

5. These also exists ISS, ISI and OBD Function that does great benefit your car diagnostics.

Multidiag Pro+ Highlights

 1. It supports both USB and Bluetooth connection.

2. It supports diagnostics on around 54,000 vehicle systems and on more than 4000 models from over 48 vehicle manufacturers.

3. Multi-language: English, Czech, Dansk, Dutch, Finnish, German, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Suomi, Swedish, Turkish

With Multidiag Pro+, you are able to do diagnostics for many cars and also trucks. And now it only needs to cost €88.00 to get it home on Eobd2. Any further information you need also can be found here or ask customer service for help.

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Best KIA Diagnostic tool –GDS VCI

A few months ago, my brother bought a second-hand KIA on the car market. But recently, he always complains about frequent bugs of his car, and under the condition, he has already gone to the local workshop for more than 3 times this week. Exactly, it is costly to repair on workshops. So I recommend him to buy a proper auto diagnostic tool for his KIA.


Learn to be a DIY user will, to some extent, save money that should be paid for the workshop. Afterward, he bought GDS VCI diagnostic tool under my recommendation. According to his recent feedback, it works well on his KIA. This device is able to support basic functions, such as integrated diagnostic system with user specific information and settings, guided trouble shooting procedure and more. Additionally, GDS VCI still supports analysis and reprogramming.

I also give him some advice because he is a green hand on this aspect. Some of the improper operation may possibly crack the device.

1. Do not upgrade the software, or else may cause circuit board burned.

2. GDS only installs on Windows XP.

3. GDS VCI installation for Hyundai and KIA cannot be installed in one computer.

GDS VCI diagnostic tool is a powerful tool which especially designed for Hyundai and Kia from 1996 to 2014 (some new car models). Almost US$ 250.00 is not cheap as imagined, but the nice experience will make you feel worthy to get it.—

€245 Lexia-3 V47, Renault CAN clip 142 and Multidiag

I have own myself a body shop in Bordeaux. People here mainly drive Renault, Peugeot and Citroen vehicles. And then my properly best chose are Lexia 3 and Renault CAN clip. I had placed an order on before. I contacted the after-service for some advice. now is selling buddle deal: Lexia-3, Renault CAN clip and Multidiag in the same package. Buy three of them with all connectors together can save 15 me Euros.


Lexia-3 PP2000 is compatible with the software version V48, Renault can clip newest V142 and Multidiag 2011V software. According to my knowledge, Multidiag J2534 interface now has updated to II 2013, I can want to replace the V2011 to II 2013 but I have to pay extra 105 Euros. I gave up because they share little differences, except working on win 7 and more vehicle coverage.

The factory has changed all the software language into French. The package came at my door 8 days via YWMENS with out tax fee. I sent back the ID, got the activation code and the device is ready to use. Lexia 3 and Renault CAN Clip worked no problem. But to my surprise is that Multidiag is that it is able to detect pollution and air conditioning system. That’s awesome.

I am satisfied with the purchase, correct hardware compared to the purchase price, reasonable delivery fee and time.