OEMScan GreenDS compare with MaxiDAS DS708

My body shop mainly deals with American vehicles, special deals with Benz and BMW. I investigated OEM Scan GDS+3 made by GreenDS tech 4 days ago.

I have made some searched with OEMScan GreenDS and MaxiDAS DS708 before placed an order. They share some similarities: large touch screen, support almost all OBD-II protocols, fits multi brands vehicle model, multi system available, easy operation, fast and accurate basic diagnostic, self printer etc. Although it supports less language than DS708, it does not matter for me, because English is available.


The following reasons lead me to get the device: 1) it is much cheaper then DS 708 (GDS+ 3 US$619 but DS708 costs US$939). Besides, GDS+ 3 charges $300 update fee while DS708 requires $500 after one year free update. 2) It can be used directly without register or activation. 3) OEM Scan can do 24 V Benz truck but DS 708 can only deal with 12 V vehicles.

I got this machine well packed with full adapters. I hooked GDS+ 3 up to test several vehicles. Connected the device main interface into the diagnostic socket and the built-in operation manual would guide me operate step by step. It helped erase ABS fault code on a 2003 Jaguar S-type, reset oil light for 2008 Chrysler, adjust TPMS for 2009 Toyota, fix a small problem on a 2008 BMW E46’s air condition system and successfully printed out the current data stream of my 2004 BMW E90 with micro- printer. I have not got a chance to test 24V Benz truck yet.

The package includes an upgrade link. I am ready for an update. The weakness of GDS+ 3 is that it does not support wifi function. But if provided with a top-rated PC, it can also work well.

I feel sorry for those regions like Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Thailand, South Korea, Colombia, Nigeria, Australia etc because the device is not available in those areas. Even if they get the device, it can not be update otherwise the software will be locked. They miss the chance to get this device for they garage, they have to turn to Autel or Launch instead.—www.eobd2.fr

Lexia 3 PP2000— A Full Chips Interface

Many users have proved that, Lexia 3 (SP08-C) is a full Chips interface, NO. SP08 and SP08-B is not a full chips interface.

Suggest you go on reading this post to know Lexia3 (SP08-C) newest highlights, and other Lexia 3 users feedback.


Lexia3 (SP08-C) newest highlights-released at 10-15-2014:

1. Lexia-3 PCB edge is golden with original full chips. Double PCB has 7pcs optocouplers, which are 100% original and new.

2. lexia-3 relays are 12pcs, which are 4.5V, it is more stable.

3. PP2000 has 2pcs Optocouplers.

Lexia 3 user feedback as following parts list.

Quickly shipment

I have received my order

Very quickly

Very good material

I am very satisfied

Works perfectly, Recommend

Works perfectly.

PP2000 Lexia and stable.

diagbox v6.01 also works very well but very heavy to operate which causes some delays malgrés correct config for the diag (T400 under XP with 4GB of RAM).

Tool very efficient!


Got 10% off Discount

Got 10% off discount during EOBD2 4th anniversary sales, and play lucky draw got 10USD award, I am very excited.

Difference among the model SP08-SP08-D and C (compatible 307)

They are almost same tool, share same function and features, the difference is that Lexia 3 (SP08-C) is the most stable to diagnose 307.

Why Lexia 3 (SP08-C) is best-selling

Lexia 3 (SP08-C) is a full Chips interface

Best model to diagnose Peugeot 307.

Lexia3 can’t do:

Lexia 3 is no good after 2004 C5

Lexia 3 does not work on windows 7, windows xp only