How to change Launch X431 DIAGUN III car icons?

Launch X431 DIAGUN III now is up to 20 % available for €515 with authorization certificate in

The following part is the guide for how to change the Launch X431 DIAGUN III’s car brand icons to full icons. Users are required to change icons when you run an upgrade. DIAGUN 3 has 150 icons in total.

Step 1: Download the LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN 3 NEW ICONS.rar file
Step 2: Extract the rar file to Local Disk C:/
Step 3: Insert the Micro SD card into computer via USB port
Step 4: Open LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN 3 NEW ICONS.rar file located on C:/folder
Step 5: Open the “LAUNCH ICONS CHANGER.bat” file
Step 6: The car brands icon will change into full icons

The process will only change full icons but nothing else will be affected. The procedure is based on English version software, if you want to change car brand icons into full icons into your language, please rename the icons rar file and bat file located in C:/LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN 3 NEW ICONS into the language you want to do.



Nissan Consult 3 III Free Download and Installation

I have a 2005 S’pore XTrail. I’ve been investigating this diagnostic software and crack in the following link. I rushed to get this because it is said to work on almost all Nissan vehicle models from different regions. €110 with 5 star reviews for this one is worth a try.

Software and crack download

USB driver download

The package included all cable I need so I what I need is a high performance PC. The only problem is that it is not a handheld diagnostic device, so I have to hooked it up to work on a my laptop.

I first connected Nissan Consult 3 interface into the diagnostic socket which located underneath the dash board via OBD cable.


The cable snakes down behind the dash and under the console down to where my PC sits under the passenger seat. The interface itself is screwed to a custom panel under the seat, from which a serial cable goes to the computer


When the device is well connected with the OBD2 socket, the device is power on all the time. I had to wire in a relay to cut power to it when the vehicle is off:


When all the connections are doing well, the result should displays like this. It is not a difficult job.


I have now successfully reset the check engine light of my Xtrail. The high-speed data update system allowed me to update map data in approximately 20 minutes with the new CARWINGS navigation system equipped in the all-new Skyline. What I appreciated is that it is easy to use even without any technical skills.—