Nice shopping experience with MPPS V16

I have ordered a MPPS V16 ECU chip tuning on And this time, I would like to share my real shopping experience here. Of course, the reason why I want to share the experience is related to the fact that the tool indeed performs well on my car.


1. Provide more reasonable price than that of many other shops

In fact, a MPPS V16 may cost so much. I heard from my friend who bought one from Amazon, which cost almost US$450.00. This tool on Eobd2 only needs to pay €169.00 (i.e. US$213.00). To my surprise, I find that my MPPS V16 work as well as his tool.

2. Good comments on MPPS V16

While I was still worried about the deal at that time, so I tried to have a look at the customer comments. Almost all the customer feedback is not bad. Of course, I also have good understanding of the device itself. The ECU chip tuning tool for EDC15, EDC16 and EDC17 inkl checksum is a professional one that working though obd2 port, easy operation, high efficiency and multi-language are all its highlights.

3. Nice service

And now, nice service is no doubt, what people attach great importance on. When I test it for my car, I was confronted several questions that all well solved by the seller with patience. I am very enjoyable for a nice shopping experience here.

Why NEXIQ 125032 is of Great Popularity

When comes to the most powerful diesel diagnostic tool, what’s your ideal about that? Recently, I browse some online forum about some of the most welcome diagnostic tool recommended by the comprehensive car users. NEXIQ 125032 and Scania diagnostic tool are top two welcome products.


And now, I would like to introduce NEXIQ USB Link + Software Diesel Truck Interface which I once used when I was working at a local workshop. I still felt very impressive on this powerful diagnostic tool that almost supports all the trucks.

1. Compatibility with applications, such as transmissions, engines, ABS and instrument panels and more.
2. USB connection contributes to reduce reprogramming time. (I.e. high efficiency)
3. As for the problem of car, it can generate maintenance or management report.
4. Support for wide protocols, like CAN, J1587/J1708 and ISO 15765 and more.
5. Wide car model coverage promotes its popularity, please click here to check:

If you are working with truck for carrying goods every day, you are worth buying one. In fact, it is not a cheap tool, but you will be paid off in the long run. At the same time, it may settle some emergency during your way to destination. There is no doubt that NEXIQ 125032 is indeed a good diagnostic tool for trucks, especially Volvo trucks.

Leave you a link about another good truck diagnostic tool mentioned above: