MPPS V16 ECU Tuning compare with KWP2000 Plus

Both MPPS V16 and KWP 2000 Plus are high-performance ECU REMAP Flasher Tuning Tool. A lot of discussions are talked between them. Their differences can list as below.



MPPS V16 and KWP 2000 Plus both can read, analyze and write current ECU software.  They can also repair ECU software problems or corruptions. KWP2000 only supports flashing EDC15 while MPPS V16 can do EDC15, EDC16 and EDC 17 checksum.


MPPS V16 and KWP2000 Plus also show differences in vehicle coverage. MPPS V16 covers mre vehicle models than KWP2000.

MPPS V16 vehicle list
KWP2000 Plus vehicle list


KWP2000 plus ECU flash programmer supports English, Deutsch, Italy and Spanish.
MPPS V16 shows more language available advantages, including French , Afrikaans, Albanees, Bahasa Melayu, Cech, Cymraeg, Deutsch, Eesti, English, Spanish, Filipino, Finnish, Galego, German , Hrvatski, Indonesia, Italiano, Kiswahili, Latviesu, Lietuviskai, Magyar Malti Nederlands, Norsk, Polska, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovencina, Slovenski, Srpski, Suomea, Svensk and Turkish.


MPPS V16 is easier use than KWP2000 plus. It does not need soldering and can be easily connected with computer via USB port and vehicle 16 pin socket via OBD cable to start programming. EOBD2


MPPS V16 is the newer version of KWP 2000 and programs more ECU than KWP2000 Plus. It also stands high in vehicle model, language and operation aspects.

Where to download Mangoose V138 SDD& IDS software?

You need to download software SDD in following two occasions.

1) Install software on the wrong computer system, the required system is Window XP ONLY.
2) The SDD software is crashed and “Feature transfer error” message displays.

feature-transfer-error provides Mangoose user two options to download Mangoose V138 IDS and SDD software.

Option 1: Download software here
You have to register an account and enter with account and password to download. If fail to try this way, you have another option.

Option 2: Mangoose V138 software download here

Mangoose for JLR software installation instruction