Tokens added for VPC-100 PinCode Calculator

VPC-100 PinCode calculator is a kind of tokens needed hand-held calculator which supports life time free update online. When you buy it which will be packed with 200 tokens and you can get another 300 free tokens after registration (the ID and Password can get from the seller) on the official website.
Here I would like to share with you the whole process of “How to add the tokens for VPC-100 car pincode calculator”, which can be concluded below:

Step1. Login in
Step2. Register a user name, and then login.
Step3. Click “Activate VPC-100” to activate your device.
Step4. Download update and recharge tool.
Step5. Connect VPC-100 to PC and install the VPC-100 USB driver.
Step6. Open update software and click “recharge tokens”, then login in your web account, and then click “recharge tokens”, input 35 charge tokens card S/N. ALL FINISHED.

VPC-100 was regarded as the world’s first hand-held vehicle pincode calculator which supports wide range of car models, such as Acura, Audi, Chery, Skoda, Suzuki, Toyota and VW and more. in addition, such a good calculator only needs to cost you US$219.00 from EOBD2.

In my opinion, the only disadvantage is that VPC-100 merely supports English, but I hope it will be perfectly improved in the near future.