Attention on MB SD Connect Compact 4 FAQs

MB SD Connect Compact 4 now has updated to the newest version 2014.07 with newly added WIFI function, which directly makes the device more flexible and practical. As a strongly powerful diagnostic tool, it not only supports reading out and erasing DTCs, reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, but also is available for coding and programming.

The professional and powerful MB SD Connect Compact 4 benz diagnostic tool has caught more and more public attention, especially widely used in workshops. While there is no doubt that part of users may be confronted with all kinds of problem. Here, I wanna share my own experience with you.

Q1: When click “Diagnostic” to find “Fingerprint ID” of MB SD Compact 4, got an error “Internal error (3.17)-3.173 You must contact the User Help Desk” (shown at picture below)
A: Check whether the PC is compatible with your software. If you choose d630 hard disk, it needs to work with Dell D630 computer with integrated video card and 1GB memory; if you choose movable hard disk, it’s requirement to the computer is: CPU 2.0GHZ or above, 2GB memory or more, Windows XP professional.

Q2: When I connect to Wireless Network Connection, I got the following display, what could be the problem?
A: Just ignore this message and follow video tutorial to set.

Q: This error reading ” A disk read error occurred, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart” after I insert the hard disk of SD Compact 4 into the computer. What’s the possible problem lies on?
A: The hard disk has a poor connection with the computer or the hard disk is broken.

Q4: Xentry error reading “Internal error: (3.17)-3.173 you must contact the User Help Desk”
A: Don’t set the file “lic-key-2” as “read only”.

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