How to solve Volvo Vida 2013D won’t connect to car

Last week, a customer told me that his Volvo Vida Dice 2013D would not connect to his Volvo properly. Below is a screenshot of the error message from his Vida software:
According to the picture, I could determine that the problem was caused by failed Volvo Vida software installation. Why I say so? There are three reasons:

As we can see, the information under “Communication tool” is not displayed successfully, while information in other parts is shown alright. If there is no device information in the form, it likely indicates that the software is not well installed.
2.The Interface Test function does not work for all Volvo Vida Dice devices. Therefore the test result ”TEST NOT OK” is not reliable.
3.If the software is installed well, there will be device information in “Communication tool” even if the Vida device does not connect the PC, as shown in picture below. In other words, when the device information is not displayed, users should try to reinstall the software.
I told the customer to uninstall his Vida software and reinstall it. After that his Vida could work properly.The obd2 tool so good.

Foxwell NT620 Auto Scanner update steps

Foxwell NT620 is a newly released high performance auto pro for American vehicle market made by Foxwell. It supports update. The update processes contains following steps.

Step 1
First of all, you should download update tool DiagMate from the foxwell official website to select NT620 from the menu and download update software. Here is the official website:

Step 2
Click to select “Download PC Application”. This is a zip folder which includes all the foxwell pro series PC applications.

Step 3
After completing download the foxwell series zip folder, unzip the update tool file and copy them to your laptop/PC.

Step 4
Click the Setup.exe driver to install the software and launch the application.

Step 5
Remove the Memory Card from the scanner before plugging it into the card reader. Then insert the reader to your laptop/PC.

Step 6
Please login with your foxwell ID and password. (You will get them when register foxwell account).
Step 7
Select “My update” to run update
Step 8
Follow the program instruction and an update massage (Update Complete) will display after the update process is completed.
More Foxwell series auto pro please refer here:

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