Surprise with Launch X431 Creader VIII

Launch X431 series products are globally famous for its powerful function on diagnosis. It is also the reason why I ordered Launch X431 Creader VIII for my Honda. I bought this diagnostic tool from an online shop —, and it took nearly a week to arrive my house with parcel well-wrapped.


I immediately put it into practice. Also, my car had something wrong previously and still had never done any diagnosis. I communicated CPR 129 to my car via OBDII cable; it is easy to operate with nice clear screen even if I am a layman in this aspect. I was very satisfied with this hand held device.

What I only want is to read and clear error codes, but I was told that Launch X431 Creader VIII also equips with programming, such as engine oil light resetting and brake block resetting etc. It is absolutely extra harvest for me. Although I cannot make any commons on them, I still feel somewhat satisfactory.

CPR129 is applicable for all vehicles which matches OBDII standard after 1996. It is more than 20 main car models in America, Europe and Asia covering SUZIKI, Honda, Ford, Mini and Peugeot and so on (detailed car models info you can click here). At the same time, multiple languages is one of the advantages, which includes English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Launch X431 Creader VIII is doomed to be the best choice for car diagnosis, I think so, and you?

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