Can IKEYCUTTER key cutting machine program BMW, VW keys?

Dear Joy,

I am interested in your IKEYCUTTER key cutting machine. The tool seems very powerful. It has won a number of fans on some forum, so I believe it should be quite reliable. But I have a few questions regarding its vehicle support, its fixture and how does it make keys.

1.Can your IKEYCUTTER key cutting machine create keys for BMW and VW vehicles?
2.Does it need special fixtures to make BMW, VW keys?
3.Can it still program keys when all of the original keys are lost?

Thanks. Benet.

Dear Benet,

1.Yes, CONDOR XC-007 can program keys for BMW and VW vehicles.
2.The use of fixtures depends on the key model that you are going to create for. The machine will let you know which kind of fixture you should use for different car keys.
3.Yes, IKEYCUTTER is still able to create new keys if you have the car key bites in your IKEYCUTTER database. IKEYCUTTER can make new keys in 4 ways, and copy the original key is only one of these 4 ways.

Best regards,


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