Auto Repair : Car Three common fault analysis

In life, many owners will encounter some problems vehicle repair and maintenance , and the reasons for these problems before sending the car repair shop repairs , many car owners who are not sure happened here for the owners to introduce a common car failure.

● car at high speed when running , to the speed of 150 kilometers, but not in time to stop the oil added , and the speed has been more than four thousand turn , is this what causes it?

The reason : When the hydraulic solenoid valve failure , the automatic transmission will enter the slope line mode , will force the three- block traffic , the failure of a pressure regulator failure , you need to go to the store OBD2 scanner(OBD/OBDII)_Global in time to check , first try to replace the gearbox oil , if the oil change after three gear will be locked in , then you need to replace the solenoid valve.

● automotive temperature warning light in the light automatically turns off after a while , I ask what is the reason ?

Cause: If this condition occurs , first check the antifreeze is recommended to losses , if the lack of antifreeze in the tank , it should be immediately added to the LED Parking Sensor and Monitor Display normal level . Secondly , there will be some natural antifreeze loss, but a loss will not be too serious. If you find the need for frequent short time to add, then you need to check the water tank , plumbing, heating up water bottles and small tanks , and check whether these components appeared leakage.

● While driving, the car always felt inadequate refrigeration , is that the add refrigerant it?

Cause: Most of the causes is due to shortage of refrigerant in the refrigerant system micro leaks . Where insufficient refrigerant in the air conditioning system , the expansion valve from the discharge refrigerant to the evaporator will inevitably decrease , when the refrigerant is evaporated in the evaporator , heat is absorbed also will decrease the Mileage Program Tools cooling capacity also decreased . Recommended to open to the 4S shop or repair shop do check if test results do not say you do not need added plus , because the refrigerant too much is not good.

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