Honda Accord sedan reverse dysfunction

A mileage of about 110,000 km, configure F23 A3 engine and automatic transmission, the Honda Accord sedan . Users report: the car will shift lever into the R position, the vehicle can travel backwards in the case of step on the accelerator pedal is not , then if the accelerator pedal is depressed , the vehicle stopped immediately .
After receiving the car : use diagnostic system for automatic transmission diagnosis, no fault codes. View the data flow , reverse gear , shift solenoid valves, hydraulic systems and other signals were normal. And the Truck Diagnostic Tool external components connected to the automatic transmission line inspection , no anomalies. The automatic transmission is a three shaft-type automatic transmission, the three axes are the input shaft ( main shaft ) , an intermediate shaft ( countershaft ) and the auxiliary shaft in the corresponding shaft with a 1-4 gear and reverse gear assembly , in addition to two pairs of idler , one pair of drive gear shaft and a vice parking gear . The shift member comprises a clutch 5 , a one-way clutch and a reverse gear sleeve , the clutch operated by a hydraulic system controlled by the direct manipulation of the reverse gear shift sleeve , when the reverse , and the reverse slip clutch 4 sets of working together, their power transmission route is as follows : the torque converter clutch 4 spindle shaft reverse gear reverse idler reverse countershaft reverse gear auxiliary shaft sleeve drive gear down Slide file directly controlled by the shift lever is not prone to failure, and therefore a greater likelihood of adverse judgments 4 gear clutch work.
Working hydraulic clutch automatic transmission measurements , the shift lever into reverse, 4 hydraulic clutch work for idle condition 600kPa, normal. Depress the accelerator pedal , the clutch hydraulic 4 files work but reduced , while three clutch operating voltage is unusually elevated , indicating poor or there is a leak of eobd2 hydraulic valve work problems . Remove the hydraulic check valve , there is no obvious anomalies. Cleaning the hydraulic valve , refitted after the test, the fault remains . The configuration of three automatic transmission shift control solenoid valve: the shift control solenoid valve A, B and shift control solenoid shift control solenoid valve C. When the reverse shift control solenoid valve A should be energized. Remove the shift control solenoid valve A check found no leaks . Measuring the resistance of the solenoid valve , as 15Ω, within the standard range . Current test , normal. Remove and decomposition automatic transmission , check the 3-4 clutch piston assembly and found no leaks . Check the spindle , found four clutch spindle oil on the road with three clutch oil passage between the seal Songkuang , oil leaks , excessive wear and spindle . The spindle 4 clutch replacement and associated seals off , installed automatic transmission , testing , failure symptoms completely disappeared , ending maintenance work .
3 clutch and components 4 clutch piston oil passages are located in the spindle , separated by an intermediate ring . The seal will leak to the leakage of hydraulic oil in the Newest version V3.002.032 Honda HDS HIM piston assembly adjacent to the clutch . When performing the reverse , low oil pressure idling conditions , less leakage , 4 clutch to work. At this point if the accelerator pedal is depressed , resulting in increased leakage increases oil , hydraulic oil into three clutch piston assembly , three clutch work simultaneously with four clutch automatic transmission lock , so there is reversing acceleration suspended failure phenomenon .

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